Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Hi everyone! Today's podcast is about "micro-learning". As always, the orange title at the top of this posting is a direct link to the mp3 file with the podcast.

The text of the podcast is on my website at:

In the podcast, I mention the following excellent podcasts:

Elliott Masie:
Clark Boyd:
Margaret Maag:
Bob Packett:
Jim Lehrer:
Ira Flatow:

-- Burks


Blogger Ray said...


Excellent podcast! Thanks for shring the links to the great micro-learning podcasts. I also like your idea of a podcast of podcasts! Perhaps it is best described as an online learning meta-pod :-)


2:22 PM  
Blogger M2H said...


Great ideas!

Thank you for mentioning my experimental podcast in your micro-learning podcast. I am learning the "ins and outs" of podcasting as I interview nurse educators and nurses over the weeks. It is a challenging technical experience (learning the various software, interviewing techniques, blending music, and positioning the microphone for optimizing the human voice) , but most importantly I am learning about my colleagues and their perspectives about teaching, learning, and health care.

It is great idea to share micro learning arrays. And, of course the ubiquitous iPod offers convenience for the learner, business man, and educator, as you just mentioned. As with any technological learning tool, the content and its effectiveness is essential. It would be interesting to conduct a satisfaction survey once you launch the micro-learning podcast.

When you speak of one podcast offering automatic connection to edited micro-learning podcasts via RSS; would the subscriber have a choice (as with iTunes and other podcatchers) to subscribe to the various online learning "micro-casts?" I am not certain how the "meta-pod" would be different from existing podcatchers?

I look forward to meeting you someday and hearing more about your micro-learning podcasts and other podcast ideas.


9:00 AM  

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