Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Impatica for PowerPoint

Hi everyone! Today's podcast covers how I used Impatica software to create narrated PowerPoint presentations. I recorded four of these presentations for the IEEE Education Society's Distinguished Lecture Series - covering the topics of wikis, blogs, RSS, and podcasting. They will be made available starting on 16 January 2006 - see:


For more information about Impatica, including how to download a demo version, see:


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The transcript of this podcast is at:


The music in today's podcast is Haydn's Sonata 38 in F - Finale - Presto, peformed by Julia Cload - see:


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We have a new product called SnapKast and are wondering if you would be interested in reviewing it and providing feedback.

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SnapKast session sample sessions can be found on the main web site and here.

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