Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Sloan-C Quality Pillars

Hi everyone! Today's podcast deals with the Sloan-C quality pillars in both qualitative and quantitative terms. For more information about the Sloan-C quality pillars, see:


The transcript of this podcast is at:


The music in today's podcast is Mozart's Piano Quartet in E flat - Allegretto, recorded at the Mainly Mozart Festival - see:


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Blogger Gardner said...

Nice overview and analysis of the Five Pillars, Burks. Thanks for this very helpful post.

I'm struck by the pillar of "Learning Effectiveness" and how it gets to the vexed questions of "what do we want from education, and how do we know whether we've gotten it?" Certainly we need a mix of quantitative and qualitative assessment, but I think we also need better answers to the fundamental questions, questions such as "what do we mean by understanding?" Otherwise, we risk solving everything but the problem itself.

Thanks again for a thought-provoking podcast. Great to finally meet you f2f in San Diego!

7:39 AM  
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